iforU was born in 2012 by 8 women who came from different business sectors to empower women entrepreneurs through Mentoring and Networking.
In an environment of economic crisis and uncertainty we believe that by encouraging entrepreneurship we’ll contribute to the growth of Greek economy.
And especially by encouraging women entrepreneurs, since women – according to international research data – are the ones that dare the least in the business field compared to men.

See Founders

  • Despina Amarantidou/ Artion Conferences & Events.
  • Danae Bezantakou/ Navigator Shipping Consultants
  • Alexandra Pitta-Chazapi/ Attiki Bee Culturing Co.– Alexandros Pittas
  • Liana Gouta/ Chemical Engineer, Director in a large Energy Group of Companies
  • Effie Karakitsou/ Magnet Advertising
  • Ioanna Koukli/ Pharmassist
  • Xenia Kourtoglou/ Focus Bari
  • Marina Leonidhopoulos/ Out of the Box

Board of Directors

iforU Greek Mentoring Network is a non-profit organization with an 5-member Board of Directors.

Danae Bezantakou


Eleni Plessa

Vice President

Effie Karakitsou

Secretary General

Marina Leonidhopoulos


Matina Antonopoulou


Honorary iforU Members

We know that we must not forget those who support us. Honorary iforU members are:

Niki Koutsiana


Mari Deverikou

Radisson Blu Park Hotel

Lida Vitouladitou


Our Vision

Women have great ideas and a way of going about things that differentiates them from their male counterparts.

When they realize their potential and are encouraged to fulfill it, they move mountains. Greek society traditionally has not encouraged its women to go into business; “safer” options have always been promoted over self-employment. Greece’s economy needs healthy, innovative, extrovert, humane enterprises and for this, it needs to empower its women.

Our vision is to see women in Greece achieve their full potential in business, playing an important part in the new order of things.

So we want to create the best Mentoring network for young women who want to succeed as entrepreneurs and thus create the best connection between university graduates and companies in an educational and networking level.

Our Mission

  • The reinforcement, support, networking and promotion of women entrepreneurs through research and information, so they can achieve their business goals.
  • The study and research of all issues related to women’s entrepreneurship (i.e the establishment of a business, financing, training, information, advice and networking).
  • To provide counseling and moral support on female entrepreneurship issues.
  • To approach and inform young women who want to start their own business on female entrepreneurship
  • To organize training workshops or seminars etc. always related to the stated purposes of the Association.
  • To co-operate with social organizations, professional and non-governmental organizations at a National, European and international level so as to promote the interests of women entrepreneurs and exchange information with them.
  • To cooperate with relevant government authorities and raise their awareness on the problems of women entrepreneurs as well as the need for favorable legislation for the development of female entrepreneurship.
  • To participate in national and international committees, councils, conferences, congresses, events, etc. related to the objectives of the Association.